Sunday, May 11, 2014

Meeting Tues, May 13

Important: We will meet a few minutes early (6:15pm) on Tuesday, May 13th, so that an abbreviated business meeting can take place, and then fun, fun, fun.

This Tuesday we are having a fun 'sewing factory' to make pillowcases for Sunshine Acres Childrens Home and will need as many volunteers as possible to make it happen. This is a great opportunity to invite children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends to show them what we do and let them have some fun with us! We will have several stations set up so that we can assembly-line our project and make the most of our time together. The stations will be: sewing, ironing, cutting, prepping, color coordinating, folding, etc, so you can see we need everyone! Please read the list below and respond back only if you are able to provide the ADDITIONAL items.


Everyone please bring: 1. One (1) piece of fabric- 27" x wof (width of fabric)

                                      2. One (1) piece of fabric- 12" x wof

                                      (Note- these 2 do not have to match, and dont forget about solid colors)

                                      3. Any leftover seam binding you have that we can use as trim/piping

                                      4. Your own drink


We also need: 4-6 sewing machines (w/ neutral thread- tan, grey)

                       2 irons and ironing pads

                       2 cutting stations w/ mat, rotary cutter and long ruler


If you are able to bring any of these additional items, please respond back so that we can keep track (so we dont have 15 irons). If you have already given me fabric for this project or are unable to contribute, thanks and no need to bring. Our goal is to make 80-90 pillowcases so that each child gets one on Christmas morning. Though we may not finish all of them on May 13th, we can certainly put a dent in it, make up some cute kits to take home, and sew them this summer and/or at our upcoming Fall Retreat!!!