Community Service

The Quilts of Valor program continues to be a success and membership has been renewed for a third year!  19 quilts were awarded in the 2017-2018 membership year.  Laura M. has taken the lead on this project and we look forward to another great year.

Also continuing is the Days for Girls project, lead by Nancy Hawkes.

The Quilts of Valor program was very successful last year and we are continuing the program again this year.  Barbara R. will take the lead on this project.  

Another project we're working on through Barbara - portfolios & bags for Save the Family.  

Also in progress - Tall Nancy is coordinating a project for 'Days for Girls'

Over 200 pads assembled


Cactus Patchers elected to participate in the Quilts of Valor program this year.  Barbara R. was the lead on this project.  



Cactus Patchers' members made 'quillows' for chemo patients at Banner Desert Medical Center, Oncology Chemo Department.  These were such a hit they asked for more.  Some members have indicated they will make another 'quillow' to donate on an individual basis.


This year, we will continue donations to My Sister's Place Shelter and Sunshine Acres Children's Home.  More quilts are needed at My Sister's Place for beds, as well as wall hangings for the activity room.  Sunshine Acres has requested pillowcases with embroidered names. 



Update 7/26/13:
My Sister's Place Shelter- We have 9 quilts finished and turned in. In addition, Pam (bless her) has 5 quilts that she will turn in soon. In order to have an accurate count, please call Maryann (954-347-5012) and let her know if you have any quilts in your possession for the shelter and what size they are. Also, thank you in advance and please have them turned in by Oct. 29th. Our next Quilting Bee is July 30th (5th Tuesday), more info coming on that!
Sunshine Acres Children's Home- Our stuffed toy contest was held at the last meeting and lots of fun critters were entered. The 3 winners are: female owl, ugly doll/creature, and a no-frills cat. The winners are Gillian, Annette, and Maryann, respectively. The winners will show Cactus Patchers members how to make the toys at our September 10th meeting, so that we can present them to Sunshine Acres by Christmas.

Just a quick update on our current community service projects- we have 2 recipients for this year:  My Sister's Place (a local domestic violence shelter), and Sunshine Acres (a children's home). The shelter houses 10 women and their minor children with a total of 25 beds. We have made a commitment of 12 quilts that are a combination of full, twin, and crib sized.  However, it looks like we will exceed our expectations (a good thing) and not only have more than 12 but also have several quilts smaller than bed-sized to decorate the TV room at the shelter! Thanks to all who continue to work on this project!
The Sunshine Acres project consists of a stuffed toy contest that is due in July, the winning toy will be made at a meeting 2 months later, all in time for 75 hand-sewn toys to be delivered by Christmas!
Again, thanks for your participation. You just never know how much of an impact you are making by doing acts of kindness.  But know this - you are changing your community in a positive way!!!!