2016-2017 - Block Exchange:  Umbrellas

The umbrella usually symbolizes the canopy of the heavens, shelter, and protection. The parasol is a symbol of the SUN, and an umbrella is a symbol of the shade. It is often an emblem of power and dignity.  From University of Michigan’s dictionary on symbolism.

The symbol of an umbrella in Buddhism is that it can protect people from the different elements, like the sun or the rain. In this context, a parasol or umbrella can also mean protection from suffering, harmful forces and/or the enjoyment of the cool shade it provides. From a site on Buddhism symbolism.

An umbrella pin received from a friend during a very difficult time came with a message something like this: Until the sun shines for you again I’ll be here to share my umbrella.
The Umbrella
Using the Edyta Sitar (or your own) pattern, make a wall hanging, the beginnings of a larger quilt (add your own extra blocks), the beginnings for a lap quilt (add sashing and borders), table runner and/or placemats, a bed runner, pillow tops, etc.

·       9 1/2" blocks (unfinished); 9" finished blocks
·       umbrella must fit within 8 1/2" 
·       batik fabrics, colorful, for umbrella
·       background, subdued cream (does not have to be batik)